CPV Concentrator Photovoltaic Packaging

Optocap has extensive experience the packaging and assembly of Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) devices. Optocap offers customers support in both prototype/process development for CPV packaging as well as volume manufacturing capability. By prototyping on the volume manufacturing tool-set Optocap can offer a risk free transition to manufacturing with a fully optimised and high yield process.

Photovoltaic Packaging

A case-study for a CPV assembly and packaging application can be found below;

  1. Package/Carrier
    1. Insulated Metal Substrates (Metal backed PCB’s) (Strings and Discrete)
    2. Cu lead-frame
    3. Alumina
    4. AlN
  2. Concentrator Optic
    1. Experience with handling and attaching a wide range of concentrator optic form factors.
      1. Soft rubber tipped pick-up tools design used to enable automated pick and place processes without damage to lens.
      2. Lens Alignment fixtures
    2. Optics attached to III-V cell using void-free, refractive index matched silicone interface for reliability and performance.
    3. Experience with various support structures used to provide additional robustness for optic attach.
    4. Accurate placement of optic to cell
  1. Process
    1. Automated III-V Cell attach and By-Pass Diode attach
      1. Cell and Diode automatically picked and placed from wafer
      2. Experience with high volume epoxy and solder attach processes. Void free interface required for thermal performance.
    2. Wire-Bonding
      1. Au ball and Al Wedge wire bonding capability to meet device electrical requirements
      2. Low wire bond loop profiles to minimise volume of wire bond encapsulant and minimise optical loss
      3. Volume automated processes
    3. Encapsulation
      1. Automated dispense of encapsulant material to protect die and wire bonds
    4. Knowledge of IEC 62108: Concentrator Photovoltaic modules and assemblies design qualification and type approval

Optocap’s expertise and capability in CPV Assembly and Packaging will reduce risk and reduce time to market for your CPV packaging requirements as well as providing a cost-effective manufacturing option.

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