Around the world, diverse industries have recognized the benefits of RPAS applications (also referred to as UAVs or drones) from commercial inspection and surveillance to more complex operations as delivery or goods transport.

For these operations, RPAS offers lower risk to personnel and increases cost efficiency over mobilizing aircraft. However, utilizing this new technology can provide significant risks to stakeholder investments, property and productivity. RPAS mishap rates are up to 300 times greater than general aviation. Costs for damage to equipment can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, notwithstanding provision for indirect costs relating to injury, death or derivative liability.

Regarding these ideas, ALTER TECHNOLOGY TÜV NORD (ATN) has considered appropriate to develop a set of RPAS services encompassed in the concept of SAFETY. In this concern, 3 different strategic areas were established:

Functional Safety;

focused in services for a safe design of drones / RPAS.

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Operational Safety

oriented to the Assessment, verification, and validation of operational aspects related to a specific activity with RPAS.

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Product Safety

Related to the development and performance of laboratory tests to demonstrate compliance with European Directives, including the European Proposal for product compliance for RPAS given by EASA this year 2017.

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ATN is a renowned Company with more than 30 years in the aerospace sector, offering quality services to our Clients. Another very important reason is our professionals. Our RPAS services were designed by our enthusiastic and passionate experts with commendable dedication with the clear objective to provide trust and assurance in our working line.

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