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Scanning Electron Microscope SEM – FIB Inspections Focused Ion Beam

This type of inspection is performed using an electron microscope which produces images of a sample by scanning it with a focused electron beam. Interaction between the electrons and atoms in the sample generates signals that contain information about the sample’s surface... Continue reading

3D-X Ray inspection

Radiographic Inspection 3D X Ray – 2D

Radiographic Inspection 3D X Ray – 2D The purpose of radiographic inspection is to detect internal physical defects which are not otherwise visible in electronic components. The radiographic techniques reveal  such flaws as presence of foreign objects, improper... Continue reading

material analysis electronic component

Material Analysis EEE Components

Material Analysis is performed to detect and identify the materials used in the manufacturing of semiconductors and microelectronic parts and packages. One particular use of this analysis is the detection of prohibited materials, especially in the lead finish, to identify... Continue reading

External Visual Inspection

External Visual Inspection Consists in a non-destructive optical inspection. Binoculars with magnification between 1x and 60x and with a relatively large and accessible field of view are employed for this purpose. FIGURE: External visual inspection at ALTER Technology The aim of... Continue reading