LED Packaging

Optocap has extensive experience in the packaging high brightness LEDS (HB-LEDS)

Optocap offers customers support in both prototype/process development for LED packaging as well as volume manufacturing capability. By prototyping on the volume manufacturing tool-set Optocap can offer a risk free transition to manufacturing with a fully optimised and high yield process.

A case-study for a LED packaging application can be found below;

  • Multiple LED attached to a single substrate and individually interconnected.
  • LED die presented on Wafer Film Frame. Die ejected from film frame use precisely controlled die ejector needle to avoid damage to LED die.
  • Epoxy stamped (daubed) onto substrate with diameter of 200um to provide required die attach coverage and thermal dissipation.
  • LED die pick and placed onto substrate in a fully automated process.
  • 25um Au wire bonding to individually wire bond each LED die.
  • Frame attached round substrate and encapsulated with Silicone to provide suitable surface quality for transmission of LED light.
  • Optics attached to surface to provide shaping of light.
  • Populated module attached to heat-sink with solder attach process.

led packaging

Optocap’s expertise and capability in LED Packaging will reduce risk and reduce time to market for your LED packaging requirements as well as providing a cost-effective manufacturing option.

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