The Equipment Testing and Certification (EC) department of Alter Technology is a provider of  technological solutions regarding product  compliance to  companies in high demanding industries such as Aerospace & Defence, Security and Fire, Railway etc. Our objective is to provide our customers with efficient testing and certification solutions and to give response to new technological challenges.

Quality and Engineering Services for Complex Systems

Assuring quality, reliability, safety and performance

Product quality assurance of complex systems presents particular difficulties that require a solid expertise to achieve the objective without jeopardizing the time to market and optimizing the cost of the solution. These complex systems are composed of several subsystems, result of the integration of products of different nature, type and origin, which require a depth analysis of the whole system life cycle.


The system manufacturer requires the collaboration of a reliable partner such as Alter Technology that gives support along the whole process with the quality engineering, consultancy and testing services needed.

PA SERVICES FLOW Alter Technology

  1. Requirements Management

Taking into account the intended use of the product, requirements, constraints and statutory regulations and standards are identified and assessed. They can be managed through a tool such as DOORS.

System Regulatory Compliance and Standards

  • CE Marking (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive, Machinery Directive, Radio. Equipment Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive, ATEX, CPR, RoHS, ErP)
  • IEC/EN, FCC, MIL-STD, RTCA-DO and nuclear standards

System Lower Level Specifications Requirements

  • Environmental conditions
  • Reliability engineering
  • Safety
  • Functional
  • Radiation
  1. Design Review

To ensure the system compliance with the requirements by means of design measures.

  • HW & SW products trade- off and market surveys
  • COTS requirements specifications
  • Pre-qualification testing and recommendations concerning design
  • Environmental and EMC control plans
  • Suppliers management so that the supplied products fulfills the requirements
  1. Verification & Validation Plan

To identify the required verification method (analysis, test, inspection) and the corresponding activities, planning and tools which will allow to show that the system fulfill the applicable requirements.

  • Compliance matrix (V- model).
  • Verification and Validation plan:
  • Verification levels: equipment/system/component.
  • Qualification: test and inspection plan.
  • Factory acceptance and Site acceptance plans.
  1. Production Quality Assurance

Assure the quality of the equipment, materials, structures, components and processes utilized in the manufacturing, assembly and future operation of the whole system.

  • Ensure quality assurance and quality control at manufacturer´s facilities:
  • Factory audits (QMS and production line)
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
  • Quality of the subsystems production (welding quality; boundary scan…)
  • Components counterfeit
  • Obsolescence management
  1. Verification, Testing

The following testing services for complex systems, equipment and components are provided.

equipments testing services alter technology


  • Tests according to EN standards for CE marking, MIL-STD-461 and RTCA DO 160, CISPR.
  • Radiated and conducted emissions and Susceptibility


  • System Reliability.
  • Reliability prediction.
  • Failure modes, effects and critically analysis (FMEA).
  • Safety Analysis.
  • Infant mortality testing.
  • Accelerated life testing.


  • DLA- MIL Laboratory Suitability.
  • Low and high dose rate (from 0+ to >100 Krad (Si)/h).
  • Static and dynamic biasing.
  • Remote conditions monitoring.


  • EN, IEC standards.
  • Electrical, mechanical, thermal and acoustic testing.
  • Fire propagation.
  • Human exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  • Risk analysis and functional safety.


  • Photometric and colorimetric analysis of railway and road traffic equipment.


  • IEC standards, MIL-STD-810 and RTCA DO 160.
  • Dry heat, cold, humidity and climatic shock.
  • Salt mist, dust and rain.
  • Solar radiation and altitude.
  • Vibration and shock.
  • Acoustic noise.


  • Tests to verify performance of RF equipment, cables and devices.
  • Test in manufacturers´ facilities through witness testing program.


  • Testing of security products:
    • Intrusion and Hold-up systems.
    • Access Control systems.
    • Alarm Transmission systems.
    • Video Surveillance systems.
  • Certification solutions for multi-systems and product families.
  • Monitoring of regulatory updates.
  1. Support For Acceptance
  • System Integration & global conformity.
  • Onsite Acceptance Tests (SAT).
  • Failure Analysis
  • System facility compliance.
  • System Technical Documentation.

Certification & Equipment Testing ( SERVICES | MARKETS )


April 4, 2017
airport control room
With the entry into force of the “Interoperability Regulation” 552/2004 , ground-based air traffic management (ATM) equipment shall comply with the applicable...

CE Marking Directives

December 17, 2015
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CE marking of complex systems presents certain difficulties that require a solid expertise in order to achieve the objective without jeopardizing the time-to-ma...

Fire Control Systems

December 17, 2015
fire alarm systems
Fire Control Systems European regulations require that fire control products be CE marked to show compliance with the applicable European Directives. The direct...

Robots – CE Marking

September 18, 2016
IEC 62061
CE marking indicates that a product is declared by the manufacturer as in conformity with Union harmonisation legislation and enables the free movement of produ...

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TEST METHODS | Equipments

ISO Pulse Immunity

December 17, 2015
ISO Pulse Immunity Alter Technology is qualified to test electrical disturbances by conduction and coupling, in accordance with the ISO 7637-1/2/3 international standards. The test intention is the demonstration of the immunity of the equipment when subjected to coupled fast transient disturbances, such as those caused by switching of the ignition, power circuits, control devices, […]

Thermographic analysis

December 16, 2015
Alter Technology has the equipment and experience necessary to perform thermographic analysis using the following techniques: Infrared camera thermal maps Thermal behaviour of equipment and cabinets Thermal analysis at customer specified temperature conditions The analysis of the distribution of the dissipated heat in cabinets or enclosures gives relevant information for checking the reliability of a […]

Temperature variations, composite temperature/humidity tests

December 16, 2015
Cold, dry heat, dump heat (steady state and cyclic), temperature variations, composite temperature/humidity tests Environmental Testing Alter Technology  has an ENAC  accreditation to perform environmental testing of electronic components and electronic equipment (accreditation number 345/LE 809). Cold Dry heat Damp heat, steady state Damp heat, cyclic. Change of temperature Composite temperature/humidity cyclic test To perform […]

Environmental Tests

December 16, 2015
Performing an environmental test means subjecting the device or system to certain environmental conditions (cold, dry heat, relative humidity, etc.) in order to check if the operational parameters remain within the range defined by the applicable regulations. Sometimes it is required to know whether specific thermal operational characteristics of the device or system have been […]

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Training

December 16, 2015
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Electronic components are the basic constitutive elements of every electronic equipment or system and as such determine the final characteristics of the product. Electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of a device or system to properly function in its electromagnetic surroundings without causing electromagnetic jamming. Basically there are two EMC issues to deal […]

Vibration Testing equipment

December 16, 2015
These test are needed for,  Product qualification Quality assurance Accelerated life test Transport test Prototype evaluation An electrodynamic shaker is used for vibration and shock testing of small components to large payloads up to 600kg.

Radio Measurements

December 10, 2015
The purpose of the radio systems tests is to verify the compliance with the protection requirements for the use of the radio-electric spectrum established by the European Directive 1999/5/CE R&TTE on radio-electric equipment and telecommunications terminals. We can test to the following harmonized standards: ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.4.1; Low Power Devices (LPD) ≤ 1 […]

Functional Tests

December 10, 2015
Functional Tests ALTER TECHNOLOGY is developing and integrating test systems for functional characterization of products and components. The projects deliver turn-key solutions as well as offer training programs and technical manuals. The following functional ATE have been developed, among others: Characterization and homologation of complex telecom systems Integration and validation tests of radio access equipment […]

Environmental Simulation Tests

December 10, 2015
Environmental simulation tests Our facilities can reproduce certain climatic conditions (salt-laden air, solar radiation, etc.) as well as some mechanical effects of the environment (vibration and impacts) allowing thus to evaluate the effect of enviromental agents on the normal functioning of components, equipment or systems. Dust Rain Salt mist Solar radiation IP classification testing Impact […]

Insulation & Dielectric Stress Tests

December 10, 2015
ALTER TECHNOLOGY is accredited by ENAC to perform Safety Test of Information Technology Equipment (IEC/EN 60065:2002/ A1:2006/A2:2010/A11:2008/A12:2011). We have the necessary experience and qualification to carry out other safety tests according to several international safety standards like those for Laboratory Equipment (EN 61010-1:2010), Electromedicine Equipment (EN60601-1:2006/ A11:2011), Audio and Video equipment (EN60065: 2002/A1:2006/A2:2010/A11:2008/ A12:2011). The […]
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Our competence:

  • ALTER TECHNOLOGY is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for EMC, electrical, climatic, vibration, safety and security products testing (ENAC accreditation numbers 345/LE808, 345/LE809 and 345/LE810).
  • ALTER TECHNOLOGY is a Certification Body (ATN CB), accredited by ENAC (Spanish Accreditation Authority), according to the standard EN 17065:2012, for electronic security products.
  • ALTER TECHNOLOGY EMC laboratory is recognized by NIST (USA) and RRA (South Korea) for EMC testing and is a Recognized Testing Authority (RTA) by the Australian National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for EMC and Safety testing.

The benefit to you:

  • Independence and neutrality. ATN does not provide consultancy services for the products included in the Certification Body accredited scopes.
  • Experience and expert knowledge.
  • One-stop-shop service.

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