Engineering and testing of electronic components

High reliability electronic components,  Space electronic components.

What Do We Offer to Our Customers?

  • Comprehensive experience in the high reliability electronic components market
  • Parts engineering expertise in product selection and design-in support
  • Technological evaluation and technology assessment
    • Manufacturer survey
    • Trade-off analysis
  • Testing capabilities for performing any kind of screening for high reliability applications
  • Direct contact between suppliers and customers, simplifying the product selection process, access to technical information and determining the proper procurement approach

Assembly & Test Capability

alter technology assembly test components

Main Activities and Processes

  • Screening, plan preparation and engineering support
  • Initial and Final Customer Source Inspections (Pre-cap and Buy-Off inspections worldwide)
  • DPA (Destructive Physical Analysis)
  • LAT (Lot Acceptance Test), QCI (Qualification Conformance Inspection)
  • Constructional analysis, reverse engineering
  • Evaluation analysis of the suitability of commercial parts for space use
  • Failure analysis investigation
  • Authenticity test, counterfeit investigation
  • Thermal characterization
  • Repacking
  • Element evaluation (of hybrid add-on parts)
  • Special conditions storage (hot & cold, dry nitrogen atmosphere, etc.)
  • Managing, inspection and storage of dice
  • Parts engineering and logistics

Hi Rel Electronics Components

Quality of the components is a key factor

The E.E.E. (Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical) components are the basic elements  of any electronic system which  are the fundamental building blocks  that determine the final equipment performance, in terms of the electrical performance, mechanical strength, and ability to meet the environmental stresses they will encounter in service.

Highly skilled teams, deliver innovative solutions for  counterfeit avoidance, failure analysis, FPGA programming, component screening, radiation, test and optical component evaluation and qualification, to verify the suitability of the selected