At Alter Technology, we offer a comprehensive service regarding laboratory tests for complex systems, equipment and components. All our tests are carried out in situ in our facilities. In order for the products to obtain adequate acceptance, systems integrations are made with respect to global compliance; Failure analysis is also done and all the technical documentation of the process that has been carried out is offered. With a highly qualified staff and technological innovations that a company of these magnitudes must offer its employees and customers.

Know our services below:


  • Tests in accordance with EN standards relating to CE marking, MIL-STD-461 and RTCA DO 160, CISPR.
  • Radiated and conducted emissions, susceptibility


  • Tests to verify the performance of radio equipment and cables
  • Testing at the manufacturer’s facilities through a trial monitoring program


  • Photometric and colorimetric analysis of railway and road transit equipment


  • Testing of safety products
    • Anti-intrusion and robbery systems
    • Access control systems
    • Alarm transmission systems
    • Video surveillance systems
  • Certification solutions for multi-systems and product families
  • Monitoring of regulatory updates


  • EN standards, IEC Electrical, mechanical, thermal and acoustic tests
  • Fire propagation Human exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • Risk analysis and functional safety


  • IEC Standards, MIL-STD-810 and RTCA DO 160
  • Dry heat, cold, humidity and climate impact Salt fog, dust and rain
  • Solar radiation and altitude
  • Vibration and shock
  • Acoustic noise


  • DLA-MIL Suitability of the laboratory
  • Low and high dose rate (from 0+ to> 100 krad (Si) / h)
  • Static and dynamic polarization
  • Monitoring of remote conditions


  • Reliability of the system
  • Prediction of reliability
  • Analysis of fault modes, effects and criticality (FMEA)
  • Security analysis Infant mortality tests
  • Accelerated life tests


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