In Alter Technology we specialize in designing tests and screening procedures for electronic components used in the aerospace, defense, and industrial electronics industries.

Tests, inspections or combination thereof, imposed on 100% of parts to remove unsatisfactory items or those likely to exhibit early failures.

Using stress testig, defects are weeded out in a product where the root causes can not be eliminated. Removing all the defective parts (infant mortality) brings the lot to the constant fialure rate (working life) phase.

The screening does not increase the reliability of the components but remove those showing weakness or defects.

European and international space programs use parts which are typically screened according to escc and mil specifications.


Thickness Verification

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thickness verification
The thickness of metallic coatings is routinely determined by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. This provides a basis for assessing the quality of coated materials and therefore influences de...

Vibration Tests Electronic Parts

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vibration test electronic parts
The purpose of vibration tests is to evaluate the effect caused on component parts by vibration in a specified frequency range. The samples are subjected to testing under different condition...

Radiographic Inspection 3D X Ray – 2D

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Radiographic Inspection electronic components
The purpose of radiographic inspection is to detect internal physical defects which are not otherwise visible in electronic components. The radiographic techniques reveal  such flaws as pres...

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy CSAM

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C-SAM Test
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) is an inspection that uses focused sound to investigate, measure, or obtain an internal image of an object. It is commonly used in failure analysis and non...

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