What Will You Find in the Drones Section?

Alter Technology also bets for the Drone sector. In the following sections you will find more than just typical definitions and general information. You will find a complete and dedicated site to this market; Regulation, actual news and articles, opportunities, and events offered in an original manner for companies, professionals, and general readers interested in Drones and RPAS.

What Kind of RPAS Services Do We Offer?

In a simple expression: SAFETY SERVICES. The offer developed by Alter Technology experts’ intent to cover the whole range of the existing needs in the market to perform a safe operation. These SAFETY SERVICES are divided in 3 original categories:

drones rpas security

Regulation and normative

Not just the typical list and links for relevant regulations. We will provide our opinion and advise of how to handle all these pages filled with legal statements; the implications and scope of each document, starting with the existing rules in countries like Spain and Germany, following by the European proposals for the market and, to complete this “legal framework tour”, we will include all documents related to the market as: E.U. Declarations (Riga, Varsovia…), Studies, or Surveys outcomes.

Project opportunities, tenders, and european calls…

Because we know is not easy to find this kind of opportunities in one place, we compile open opportunities to make you easier to be informed, giving you the chance to be an active stakeholder in this sector.

drones rpas h2020

Alter Technology SERVICES to the RPAS

drones rpas testing services

Drones Product Safety

April 12, 2018
Alter Technology as a quality driven provider of engineering and test services within the drones market, has created comprehensive services. Guaranteeing your drones system and equ...

Drones Operational Safety

April 12, 2018
Flight permissions normally involves the elaboration and presentation of different documents according to national regulations. This documentation must be carefully verified to avo...

Drones Services

April 11, 2018
Drones applications benefits have been recognized by diverse industries around the world, from commercial inspection and surveillance to more complex operations as delivery or good...

REGULATION & NORMATIVE | Drones - RPAS highlight articles

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