Parts Engineering Electronic Components | EEE Parts

  • Technical support to designers and system engineers
  • Technical analysis of customer components lists
  • Applications assessmentParts engineering eee components
  • Radiation hardness reviews
  • Risk analysis and management activities
  • Component evaluation and characterization
  • Component technology assessment
  • Reliability analysis
  • Component selection, type reduction and standardisation
  • Tracking alerts and information to users
  • Obsolete components analysis and evaluation of alternatives
  • Quality assurance
  • Preparation and integration of procurement specifications
  • Implementation and maintenance of the Parts Procurement and Control Plan

Logistics & Long Term Storage

As part of a comprehensive service to our customers, Alter Technology controls every phase of the product’s logistics from the manufacturer to the final delivery to the customer. The status of each component can easily be checked through our web based reporting tools.

The follow-up starts during the manufacturing process and components testing at manufacturer’s facilities. Alter Technology keeps direct contact with the manufacturer to update in our system the production status, the quality control and the expected delivery date. Whenever is required by the project or our customers we will articulate the needed steps to carry out at the manufacturer’s facilities an inspection before the components are encapsulated (Pre-Cap) or before shipment (Buy-Off).

For freights under export control regulations by the United States of America legislation (EAR or ITAR), we manages, provide assistance and/or arrange every needed documentation.

The transportation of goods is a very important part of logistics, therefore the correct election of both the transportation and means of protection guarantee the delivery to the customer in optimum conditions. An effective customs management avoids unnecessary long stays of the goods at external warehouses.

Long Term Storage

Alter Technology has specilly adapted locations to meet the requirements for long-term storage of EEE Components.

Our low turnover components storage guarantees full control of the conditions of humidity and temperature 24/7 365 days a year (22ºC +/- 3 ºC ; 55RH%  +/- 10 ºC)  preventing the undesirable effects of oxidation or ESD (Electro Static Discharge).

Alter Technology offers the service of nitrogen storage. It can be directly in dry cabinet or in MBB (Moisture Barrier Bags) filled with nitrogen, adding desiccant bags and moisture indicators.

The management of devices on long term storage is done through powerful software, allowing quick access to their location. In addition we offer stored DC (Date Code) alerts and programmed re-lifing services.