What is doEEEt.com? 

doEEEt.com is a web information platform where key information from all manufacturers is gathered together and placed at your service. From Alter Technology we are delighted to introduce it, as the only database of Hi-rel parts for use in Space.

What could doEEEt.com offer to you?

The platform has been built taking into account the design phase where lot of key information from different manufacturers is needed and it can be a tough task to get access to it.

These are some of the features:

» Search Tool


  1. Search in two databases at the same time: components and documents.
  2. Use the search bar by typing in a specific reference, text, or part description…
  3. Or access a category directly by clicking in its symbol.

» Results view and Filtering Tool

  1. Use the new dashboard to easily filter by key features.
  2. Updated filtering tool to make your selection easier.
  3. Use the category filter tool in order to get direct access to a specific family.

» Detailed Page of a Component


  • Get the ranking of the component compared with others from the same family.
  • Price and lead time estimation (running in BETA).
  • New dashboard to highlight the main parameters of the component.
  • New tool that will inform you whether your component is suitable for use in a specific application.
  • Vast number of parameters per family.

» Comparision Tool


  • Compare components from different manufacturers and get recommendations based on your needs.
  • Query the system based on your application parameters.
  • Get an immediate visual response about matches.
  • The system will inform you about the component that is the best match.

There are many more features ready now.

Register for free and start enjoying