OPTOCAP is a technology oriented company active in the field of optoelectronics, microelectronics packaging design and assembly services.

Its turn-key packaging services enable its customers to reduce development and manufacturing costs, accelerate time to market and reduce risk with new product developments. OPTOCAP works in a wide variety of industrial sectors for which quality and reliability is a must along with an efficient supply chain.

Our expertise in packaging solutions spans the full product life-cycle: from design through prototyping, process optimisation, product qualification, failure analysis, volume manufacturing and transfer to low-cost volume manufacture. This provides customers adopting an outsourced manufacturing model with a much simplified and efficient supply chain.


  • Package Design, modelling and verification
  • Prototype and Pilot assembly
  • Automated volume manufacturing process development
  • Volume sub-contract manufacturing
  • Volume manufacturing process transfer
  • Supply chain management

Reduced Time to Market

  • Utilising Optocap’s standard technology platforms allows customers a significant head start in their product development cycle.
  • No delays for selection and commission of in-house equipment.
  • Rapid prototyping (same day builds for selected parts).

Reduced Technical Risk

  • Optocap’s standard technology platform’s enable customers to avoid important technical pitfalls and avoid costly qualification steps.
  • Prototyping on production toolset ensures no hidden issues for production.

Reduced Product Development and Manufacturing Costs

  • No requirement for equipment/expertise outside customers core IP.
  • Optimised assembly process to reduce build time, improve yields and increase performance.
  • Technology transfer to off-shore volume assembly houses.
  • Reduced material costs by leveraging Optocap’s standard materials and respective economies of scale.

Pure-Play Supplier

  • Optocap is not a product company and hence does not compete with our customers.
  • Provides customer confidence in IP control and protection.




Utilizing the Unicorn-1 Platform for In-Orbit Demonstration and Space Heritage

Alba Orbital  are working with Optocap and Alter Technology to develop the ‘Optosat‘ for Semiconductor in space verification and demonstration.

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