Microsectioning or Cross-sectioning is a failure analysis technique (performed during DPA) for mechanically exposing a plane of interest in a die or package for further analysis or inspection. It usually consists of sawing, grinding, polishing, and staining the specimen until the plane of interest is ready for inspection by optical or electron microscopy.

Components are microsectioned after potting in suitable epoxy resin so that a microscopic examination can be undertaken for the purpose of accurately locating, identifying and characterizing all the internal structural features of the samples in order to judge any defects against the criteria of the specification.

Typical components that require microsection are:

  • Diodes
  • Capacitors
  • Relays
  • Isolators
  • Fuses

Microsectioning Analysis of PCB Systems | EEE Parts

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Microsectioning analysis of PCB systems.
Microsectioning and materialographic inspection are mandatory in different verification and qualification standards issued by international agencies and public bodies such as the European Space Agency (ESA), the Defense and Logistics Agency...

Cross sectioning Electronic Components | EEE Parts

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Cross sectioning Electronic Components
The cross-sectioning process provides access to the device internal structure, its materials and design. Such components as diodes and capacitors and silicon dice are often subjected to cross-sectioning to detect the defects which could not...