Electrical Testing – Characterization

Electrical Testing Ultraflex

In-house capacity, capability and expertise to perform electrical screening of any type of electronic component technology.

For passive devices testing, we have equipment which permits the characterization of the electrical behavior of resistors, capacitors, coils, etc., in a wide range of test conditions and in accordance with their applicable specifications.

  • Measurement and testing of high power devices
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage up to 12 KV
  • Characterization on LCR devices up to 3 GHz

A global testing offer from wafers, singulated dies, packages up to modules

electrical testing offer alter technology

Electrical Measurements

passive device testing

Our capabilities:

Active devices testing: discrete (diodes and TRT) through standard linear and digital components to VLSI

  • Semiconductor curve tracer
  • Semiconductor analyzer
  • VLSI tester for verification of the static and dynamic functional parameters
  • Mixed-signal ATE (Teradyne UltraFLEX)
  • Extreme temperature testing (-80ºC to +200ºC)

ultraflex teradyne electrical characterization

  • Design and manufacturing of multilayer boards (up to 16 layers)
  • Small bias current measurement (fA)
  • Measurement of high speed and precision converters A/D & D/A up to 24 bits
  • Measurement of +1000 I/O digital devices
  • Mixed -signal ASIC measurement
  • Measurement of high precision oscillators with low phase noise
  • Device testing up to 100 Vdc
  • Device testing up to 140 A

power characterization electronic components

  • Power characterization of RF/MW devices
  • Screening and Life testing of RF/MW devices
  • Test fixture design and manufacturing for RF/MW devices
  • Design and manufacturing of customized calibration kits for high-frequency devices
  • Design and manufacturing of RF boards with precise impedance adjustment
  • Design and manufacturing of fixed circuit impedance adaptors
  • Dynamic impedance adaptation using RF tuners
  • Signal noise measurement of high-frequency devices
  • Characterization of RF/MW multiport devices
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