Counterfeit Detection electronic components and Mitigation Techniques

Counterfeit Detection electronic components and Mitigation Techniques

Counterfeit components ( electronic componentes ) can be defined as items that are deliberately altered in such a way as to misrepresent the actual quality or function of the item, with the intent to defraud or deceive the purchaser. This problem is prevalent at all quality levels of components and potentially for all manufacturers’ products. It is currently having a significant impact on the aerospace and defense markets, due to the wider-spread use of commercial parts and procurement practices based on shorter product life cycles.

Counterfeit Detection

It is also prevalent in the medical and space markets.

ALTER TECHNOLOGY being concerned about the issue and aware of its impact on our customers has unilaterally defined a complete process of the technical management of the supply chain, from the supplier selection and monitoring all the way through to the inspections and testing techniques aimed to prevent counterfeit components entering the manufacturing line.

We perform the following activities to counteract the risk of counterfeit components making their way into the manufacturing process:

  • Supply chain monitoring
  • Manufacturer liaising
  • Development and maintenance of the components reporting and database
  • Training in counterfeit prevention
  • Using proven sources of procurement
  • Verifying lot documentation and traceability
  • Single lot procurement if possible
  • Compliance verification (authenticity analysis) by performing various inspections
  • Comparison with known authentic samples in conjunction with the technical support and assistance from the original manufacturer
  • Safe long-term storage facility for validated parts
  • Authenticity test