Alejandro Castillo Pérez


Quality Inspector in Electrical Measurements Laboratory.


Quality Inspector in Electrical Measurements Laboratory.
For 8 years, I have been performing quality control in highly reliable electronic components for use in space projects through the execution of external inspections, parametric and environmental tests in Alter Technology:

  • Incoming, Relifing & Screening Inspections, Environmental test (Life test, Thermal cycling, Humidity test, …) and Total Ionizing dose test of E.E.E. High Rel. components for Space applications (i.e. External Visual Inspection, Dimension check, PIND Test, Radiographic Inspection, Electrical measurements at room temperature, high temp. and low temp., Burn-in, …).
  • Manufacturer documentation review (i.e. CoC, Test Reports …).
  • Verified compliance according to customer DWG, Specs, and additional requirements
  • Knowledge of MIL & ESCC specs.
  • Handling of metrological tools (i.e. caliper, precision scale, multimeter, SZ Unites, …).

I am an expert in Knowledge and management of MIL & ESCC standards.

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