Antonio Amigo

Antonio Amigo 

Technician in Electrical Measurements; Specialist in Environmental Tests


My professional trajectory started in 1998, in the ICO project (Iridium Constellation), giving on-site technical support to the company AME Space, in the electrical measurements laboratory, for a period of 10 months in their laboratory in Norway.
I joined the Alter Technology laboratory for electrical measurements, in Seville, in February 2001, with the task of conducting tests with the following equipment:

  • ATE (SZ M3000). (Measurement of diodes, transistors, MOSFETs, operational amplifiers, voltage regulators, digital, etc).
  •  Hp4194A Impedance / Gain Phase analyzer. (Measurement of capacitors coils and filters).
  • Hp4339B High resistance meter. (Measurement of capacitors coils and filters).
  • Hp4155A Semiconductor parameter analyzer. (Measurement of diodes, transistors, MOSFETs, etc).
  • Teradyne Ultraflex. (FPGAs, ASICs).
  • Applicos ATX7006. (Converters)
  • Temptronic TPO4200 and TPO4310. (Measurements at temperature from -70ºC to + 200ºC).

During the learning process in Alter Technology laboratories, I was trained to assemble components for HTRB (Temperature Reverse Bias), Burn-in, Life Test, Temperature Humidity Bias Test, Temperature Cycling Test, and other environmental tests.
After 17 years in the company, I have been trained in different programs and courses throughout my professional life, which have offered me a refinement of my skills and knowledge, as the same time as allowing me to renew the techniques and procedures to be used in each of the different competences that concern me. Between those courses it is possible to emphasize:

  • Course of design of PCBs with the ORCAD program, to then manufacture them in ATN with an automatic milling machine.
  • Course of operator of radioactive facilities, with the achievement of the title of the CSN Madrid (Nuclear Safety Council).
  • Operator course of the cobalt 60 irradiator in RADLAB Sevilla (National Accelerators Center) and accreditation to operate the machine.
  • Radiation prevention course at CNA Sevilla.

I have also had the opportunity to perform several essays of national and international relevance, in which I can cite

  • Realization of Total Dose radiation tests in RADLAB Sevilla (National Accelerators Center).
  • Radiation testing of Displacement Damage Dose at UCL Louvain-Belgica (Catholic University of Leuven) and KVI Groningen-Holland (Advanced Center for Radiation Technology).
  • Carrying out radiation tests of Total Dose in CIEMAT (Madrid).

Nowadays, I am still training and attending courses to always offer the best service and ‘performance to our clients and collaborators.

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