EEE Components, Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical Parts for use in Space programs.

The procurement of electronic components for space and other harsh environment applications requires a high degree of engineering experience and expertise provided in the form of technical support, to ensure technical compliance to the project requirements.

The technical support starts from the initial customer enquiry stage, with the correct component selection and definition of the component number, procurement requirements, and qualification steps and processes, to the final delivery stage.

We ensure that the delivered component is fit for use in terms of functionality, reliability, quality and radiation assurance.

Wide range of inspections to guarantee component performance.


Satellite SAOCOM 1A

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The satellite SAOCOM 1A, is the first of two identical satellites where it covers the development of active instruments operating in the microwave range. Put into orbit these satellites comes from the Argentine Government. Developed, man...

Material Analysis EEE Electronic Components

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Material Analysis EEE Electronic Components
Material Analysis is performed to detect and identify the materials used in the manufacturing of semiconductors and microelectronic parts and packages. One particular use of this analysis is the detection of prohibited materials, especially...

HTV Spacecraft

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htv launch2 02
ALTER TECHNOLOGY is providing engineering, testing and logistics services to the Japanese company Mitsubishi ELectric COrporation (MELCO) in the procurement of European components under the HTV spacecraft ( H-II Transfer Vehicle ) project....

COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf | EEE Parts

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COTS componentes comerciales listo para su uso en espacio
The drive to use COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) components in the space industry is growing since these parts allow to obtain higher performance at the system level, which is difficult to obtain using currently available space components....

Procurement Electronic Components | EEE Parts

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Procurement EEE Parts
Fully compliant with the project requirements Our commercial and technical expertise and experience allows us to recommend, select and supply components from good manufacturing sources (avoiding counterfeits). All EEE parts procured by u...

Parts Engineering and Logistics – EEE Parts

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Parts engineering Electronic Components
As part of a comprehensive service to our customers, Alter Technology controls every phase of the product’s logistics from the manufacturer to the final delivery to the customer. The status of each component can easily be checked through ou...

Photonic Technologies in Space Applications

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Schematic flow for optoelectronic parts selection
The use of photonic technologies for space applications has risen the problem related to the ability of optoelectronic and optic components to withstand space environment as all optoelectronic and optic components come from terrestrial appl...

Relifing Electronic Components | EEE Parts

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Relifing Electronic Components
The relifing process consists in the evaluation of the electronic component reliability when stored for a longer period. Storage of EEE part represents a key process in space electronics activity, In order to cope with projects time sche...