Javier Galnares Arias

Javier Galnares Arias

Head of Electrical Test Laboratory

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M.Sc. Telecom Engineer specialized in Robotics and telecontrol by the School of Engineering of Seville, and M.Sc. in Systems Engineering and Control by University Complutense of Madrid and the Education at Distance National University. My Telecom’s Final Master Project was focused on avionics for the autonomous control of the axial flight of a radio-controlled helicopter, and my Systems Engineering’s Final Master Thesis was the design and manufacture of a portable and low cost 12-lead electrocardiograph to be used at refugee camps, field hospitals and developing countries without access to the electricity grid.

Previously, I worked at a aeronautical company, in its Department of Defense and Advanced Projects, which made me specialize on the electronic design of complex devices, as well as in the programming and validation of the telemetry interfaces. The common tools I used in my daily work were Altium Designer, LTSpice, Atmel Studio, CCS, Visual Studio, Xilinx Vivado, Altera Quartus …

Currently at Alter Technology I am a specialist in the PCB & HW Design department within the area of ​​Electrical Measurement Laboratory, providing technical coordination and HW solutions for production, from PCB design, to assembly of complex measurement set-ups that involve climate chamber control, collection of measurements in several channels with matrix switchers, trigger event synchronization, real-time data capture, etc. The tools I use daily, in addition to the company-specific tools for the control of productive batches and delivery in date, are Altium Designer, LTSpice, LabView, SolidWorks, Sonnet, AppCAD.

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