Antonio José Rey

Antonio José Rey 

Laboratory Specialist at Destructive Physical Analysis Laboratory

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Since 2014, I am part of the High Reliability laboratory department of ALTER TECHNOLOGY TÜV NORD SAU. I joined the laboratory of Receiving, after 6 months I was moved to the Incoming laboratory where I performed the following tasks and the different tests:

  • External visual inspection, dimensions check and weight of components of electronic devices for aerospace use according to the drawing required by the applicable standard.
  • Clear understanding and management of the applicable specifications (MIL & ESCC) to the inspected devices.
  • Realization of electrical measurements for passive devices.
  • Problem Report opening.
  • Seal test, Radiography inspection, Lead Material Verification.

After 3 years as part of the Incoming laboratory, I was moved to the laboratory of DPA (Destructive Physical Analysis) of which I am currently part. Where I perform the following tasks and tests, in addition to those indicated above:

  • Internal Visual Inspection
  • Plating Adhesion.
  • Buy-Off
  • Realization and Review of reports.

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