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Image Sensors – Photonics

Alter technology activities: Design and development of a custom camera Characterization of pixel performance On-line monitoring of electrical parameters and acquisition of images in different working conditions (radiation, temperature, vacuum) Radiation of image sensors Total ionizing dose and total non-ionizing dose SEE with heavy ions and protons Cover glass removal Calculation of SEE rates

High Brightness Semiconductor Lasers

High Brightness Semiconductor Lasers as Transmitters for Space Lidar Systems

High brightness semiconductor lasers are potential transmitters for future space lidar systems. In the framework of the European Project BRITESPACE, we propose anHigh Brightness Semiconductor Lasers allsemiconductor laser source for an Integrated Path Differential Absorption lidar system for column-averaged measurements of atmospheric CO2 in future satellite missions. The complete system architecture has to be adapted to the particular emission properties of these devices using a Random Modulated Continuous Wave approach. We present the initial experimental results of the InGaAsP/InP monolithic Master Oscillator Power Amplifiers, providing the ON and OFF wavelengths close to the selected absorption line around 1572 nm.