María Teresa Rodríguez Tabares

María Teresa Rodríguez Tabares

Vibration & Materials Engineer

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Graduated in Aerospace Engineering in the University of Seville in the intensification of Air Navigation. Currently, she is responsible for the area of component vibration (mainly sine and random tests) where, in addition to these tests, she is in charge of the design of the tools necessary for the correct fixation and positioning of the elements to the equipment. On the other hand, she also works as a quality inspector and also carries out tests in the area of the materials and processes laboratory, where her work focuses on microsectioning and the subsequent evaluation of electronic components.

Previously, she was part of the areas of electrical measurements and destructive testing, DPA. In these areas her functions were the analysis and verification of passive components and microcircuits, and she was in charge of the technical review of reports and the performance of CSAM tests, respectively.

Before joining Alter Technology, she participated in the SPADE Project in the REXUS/BEXUS program at ESA’s Education Office, where she was in charge of the design and adaptation of all the electronic parts and components of the project and for which she received training through a course on aerospace welding, by experts in the field from ESTEC (ESA’s main center); Alter was one of the main sponsors of this project, actively participating in several stages of it.

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