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Israel Pedroche

Project Management Department Manager of ALTER TECHNOLOGY

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Since 2001, I have developed my professional career in the space sector and working in European projects as Meteosat Second Generation, ATV, Galileo, Rosetta, Herschel/Planck, Lisa Pathfinder, Sentinel 3, BepiColombo, Solar Orbiter, Euclid, JUICE, MPCV (NASA/ESA) as well as other space projects around the world. I firmly believe that frank and honest relationship and communication with the customers and co-workers is the foundation to lead out the projects successfully from start to finish.
I’m a strong supporter of real-time Dashboard as quick method to detect potential or actual problems and launch the recovery actions from the very beginning.


long term storage alter technolohy

Long Term Storage EEE components

June 13, 2016
Long Term Storage EEE components We have an extensive experience in EEE parts engineering, procurement and storage. Long Term Storage was one of our early studies. In 1993, in the frame of COLUMBUS project, we got an ESA contract to assess the “ Long Term Storage for High Reliability Components ”. Procedures and storage area was […]
Euclid Esa


February 23, 2016
Euclid space mission OBJECTIVE: Dark matter and dark energy are two of the greatest mysteries of the universe, perplexing scientists worldwide. Solving these scientific riddles may require a comprehensive approach in which theories, computations and ground-based observations are complemented by a fleet of spacecraft studying the “dark” universe. One of the space missions that could […]
Juice ESA Alter Technology

JUICE Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer

February 9, 2016
ALTER TECHNOLOGY will execute different tasks, such as the detailed definition of the space radiation engineering activities to be implemented for JUICE and aimed at reducing (to the maximum extent feasible) total ionizing dose levels for platform equipment and instruments; the identification of the radiation testing to be performed during subsequent phases of the project; the definition of the test conditions for advanced radiation testing and, in several cases, performing this kind of testing, on some especially critical components.