Experience on SEE testing EEE parts

Experience on SEE testing EEE parts (Memories, RF Power devices…)

  • Many basic testers availables which offer the capability to carry out a test in a rather short delay (a few weeks) at a relatively low cost.
  • Capability to develop on demand test setup for complex devices (μP High frequency devices, RF fixtures etc…) higher cost driven by the test preparation effort.
  • Access to many facilities, selection is based on more than 15 years of experience .
  • In house device opening capability especially for plastic packages more and more difficult.
  • Good electronics skills are mandatory for test setup development as well as a good knowledge of the tested device.

Wacth full presentation online here

Christian Binois (ADS) Mirko Rostewitz (TESAT) TSOEF1 -EEE Parts Engineering & Radiation

AIRBUS DS Test Activity Overview 

  • More than 600 tests since 2003.
  • Mainly dedicated to provide SEE behaviour of EEE devices used by any ADS project.
  • Fully integrated within the procurment process at early level, traceability (man lot, factory etc…) avoid a huge number of tests.
  • Some internal R&D activities as well as some funded by ESA, CNES and DLR.
  • Support on request to external customers (mainly on ADS related projects).

Test benches

Generic test benches used for more than 90% of devices

  • 4 test slots
  • XMULTI TEST BOARDBoard compliant with all facilities.
  • Many remotely programmed analog and digital I/O
  • High speed digitizers for SET
  • Ability to test SEU, SET and SEL separately or at the same time depending on the device
  • Ability to test Opamps, comparators, voltage ref and regulator, DAC, ADC and the most current digital circuits (line buffer, latches etc…)
  • Ease of daughter board design (a few days)
  • Capability to change quickly test conditions during test
  • Autotest to check device and tester good healt

  • 8 test slotsMOSFET TEST Board
  • Can hold P or N channel up to 600V Vds and +/-100V Vgs
  • On line measurement of Igss (10pA to 100mA) and Idss
  • SEB detection and Drain charge collection integrated acquisitions
  • Integrated VGSth measurement for N channel (P to be added)
  • Integrated PIGST capability
  • Fully Remote controlled operation
  • Integrated autotest to check device connection and tester integrity before irradiation ( a not connected device is seen unsensitive )

  • 8 test slots
  • HV Diodes TESTBENCH - copiaUp to 1100V VR (design limit 7.5kV)
  • Temperature monitoring with heating option
  • On line measurement of Ir(10pA to 20mA)
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Integrated autotest to check device and tester integrity before irradiation ( a not connected device is seen unsensitive )

  • 40 MHz asynchronous mode & 20 MHz synchronous DDR FLASH MEMORY TESTERmode
  • 2 adjustable protected supplies (SEL) with on line voltage and current monitoring
  • Embedded Processor under Linux RT and FPGA
  • Remote controlled operation through single ethernet link
  • Integrated hard drive for high speed data recording (many Gbytes of data during test)
  • User defined test sequence up to 2000 cmd/s

One shot test benches


  • SET detection with High Frequency dynamic signals, (400MHz with 3GHz carrier ) no Scope trigger usable —dedicated analog trigger designed
  • 4 output modes

  • SEL assesment for Delatcher designOptical sensor
  • Full speed operation at 6.6Mpix/s
  • Image to image comparison for SET detection on pixel (>14mV)
  • Removable optical stimuli to check device functionnality (vacuum mandatory)

  • 300 MO/s to be checked on line
  • Difficult to manage gigabit connexions and PCB
  • Rx/TX synchronisation (many bits stored in the Tx line)


  • Many elementary tests to cover all functionnal units
  • High workload for test development and data analysis after test

RF SEE Testing

  • E.g. “Qualification of GaN Power Bars for BIOMASS” with the ESA contract No. 4000110760/14/NL/CTRF conditions
  • 15 and 80 W RF GaN power devices from UMS

  • In-air facility is needed due to the high heat dissipationTest Facility
    • KVI – center of advanced radiation technology at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands)
    • In air beam line with 29 MeV/amu

  • Complex RF Test SetupTest Setup
  •  High RF Power handling capability
  •  Peltier Cooling Unit
  • Remote control capability

Download or read the full report here

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