News in the Drones Sector for the consolidation

The European Commission gives new life to the Drones 

After taking action on the matter, the European Commission, in relation to the implementation of rules and procedures for drones, has published a new draft where we can see clarifications and modifications, following the line of the bases established by the EASA.

This draft comes when the sector of UAVs or drones needs to take a definitive course to consolidate as a potential market within the European Union. At this point of the game, most of the applications and utilities that these systems suppose are known; inspection, surveillance, photography … are just some of these multiple uses.

To get an idea of ​​what is news in this latest publication of the Commission, it is worth mentioning the modifications included in the operational characteristics of each category (open, specific, and certified), going into more detail in the risk assessment procedures, mitigation of these, and the necessary authorization to fly in each of them.

In relation to the annexes included, it is imperative to point out and highlight the need to show the conformity of the product (in principle, in the open category) through the CE Marking and the operational subcategory (C0, C1, C2, C3, and C4). Regarding the latter, we should comment that the technical characteristics of the systems included in each of these subcategories have been developed in greater detail in order to have a clearer operational scope of the systems and, if possible, have fewer doubts at the time. to choose one of them to show the conformity of our system.


At the same time, a mention is made of the importance of verifying compliance with the data protection and privacy law. Relevant and topical topic, to be taken into account, especially in operations that involve flying in very typical spaces of everyday life (over urban areas, parks, racing circuits …) and thus achieve social acceptance in terms of to the use of these devices in our day to day.

With this, we only have to wait for the document and the respective annexes to become official and to be able (finally) to see the consolidation of the sector within the European market.

Drones CE Lab