NEW ISO STANDARD for Drones Released!

The Drone market is expected to grow almost 10 times its value, in economic terms, in the following years. In this concern, a well-regulated market is necessary and, besides the effort of the European Commission to create harmonized standards inside the European Union, ISO has been also working to normalise the international drone market, developing own standards for drone systems and subsystems.


Regarding this last affirmation, ISO has recently published the new drone standard ISO 21384-3: Unmanned aircraft systems – Part 3: Operational procedures.

John Walker, Chair of the ISO subcommittee that developed the standard, said in ISO official site that there are hundreds of applications for small drones alone that will benefit from this standard, including construction, safety, security, mining, maritime operations and more.

“The range of applications is growing fast, but at the same time, the industry is very much in its infancy, and there are a number of key obstacles to overcome before large-scale commercialization is achieved,” he said.

It is important to mention that this committee is still working in complementary documents in order to define and evaluate other safety aspects for drone market considerations.

These include ISO 21384-2Unmanned aircraft systems – Part 2: Product systemsISO 21384-4Unmanned aircraft systems – Part 4: Vocabulary, and ISO 23665, Unmanned aircraft systems – Training for personnel involved in UAS operations.


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