drones rpas testing services

Drones Product Safety

Alter Technology as a quality driven provider of engineering and test services within the drones market, has created comprehensive services. Guaranteeing your drones system and equipment reliability according to this new regulatory framework for Drone Systems.

drones rpas testing services

Drones Operational Safety

Flight permissions normally involves the elaboration and presentation of different documents according to national regulations. This documentation must be carefully verified to avoid a possible re-working in the elaboration of the technical dossier. In addition, a risk...

civildron 2018 alter technology

CivilDRON 2018 Alter Technology

ALTER TECHNOLOGY just confirmed its participation with the presentation titled “Light RPAS. the future european regulatory framework proposed by EASA for the RPAS sector and its treatment as a product inside the European Union market”, offering an approach to the future common...

German Regulation

German Regulation for RPAS

In Germany, the civil operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in principle requires permission of the authorities according to the German Aviation Regulation's provisions on RPAS published in January 2010 (German Aviation Regulation (LuftVO) Article 15a, 16 and...

Real Decreto R.D. 1036/2017

Law 1036/2017 was recently approved, and was officially published in the last BOE of 2017. This document stablishes a less restricted regulatory framework in Spain. An important modification is referred to the identification label, which must be fireproof and fixed in the aerial...