Real Decreto R.D. 1036/2017


Law 1036/2017 was recently approved, and was officially published in the last BOE of 2017. This document stablishes a less restricted regulatory framework in Spain.

An important modification is referred to the identification label, which must be fireproof and fixed in the aerial vehicle containing relevant information.

Specially for operators, this new law remarks the obligation to adapt their documentation to pass possible inspections in the future. Their figure is also remarked as the responsible of the RPAs airworthiness maintenance ensuring the right function of the vehicle in any operation. They must also create a data record procedure to keep save the information about flights, technical problems, and maintenance activities.

A special mention deserves the permission to fly over urban zones for aircrafts with a mass below 10 Kg, in VLOS (Visual line of sight) and maximum altitude of 120m and additional caution measures.

The entire text contains complementary information about new requirements and good practices for the RPAS sector in SPAIN.

R.D. 1036/2017

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