Drones Functional Safety Assessment

In line with electrical and electronic devices, drones are not an exception when we speak about guarantee the optimal function of the system. As is expected, functional safety evaluation is a critical and important task.

Safety and reliability are two concepts which have gained importance over the years. There are several potential hazards around a RPAS operation and a functional evaluation is required with a minimum acceptance criterion in order to mitigate the associated risks from the development stage and along the entire lifecycle.

At this point, we would like to provide further explanation about the process to ensure the optimal performance of your drone system. From Alter Technology, we want to transmit the importance of develop a Drone Functional Safety Management Plan, where the needed process to get accomplishment of the Standard requirements is identified, considering the existing risks and hazards, which will be mitigated with corrective measures. This Plan also includes systems’ Verification and Validation, audits, and Functional Safety assessment.

Drone Functional testing is also available as a prior service to verify the declared functions of a drone system: take-off and landing, drone navigation testing, flight modes, autonomy, etc.

We should always keep on mind the advantages related to Functional Safety. For example, overcost reduction represents an important benefit for the client, as the increment of the RPAS reliability let us gain lifetime for the system.



Functional Assessment Services (FAS) include two relevant aspects to ensure a safe development of a RPAS:

Functional safety Analysis is a necessary process beginning in the design phase to release your system from unacceptable risks or damage to people or the environment either directly or indirectly.

Functional Testing is also necessary as a mean to verify the functional capabilities of the system.

 Our Services:

Functional Safety Management Plan (IEC 61508)

  • Identification of our customers’ product or process needs, including HW & SW, for the accomplishment of the Standard requirements.
  • RPAS products’ safety risks and hazards identification, considering mitigation measures.
  • Verification and validation.
  • Functional Safety Audit and Assessment.

Functional testing

Functional compliance verification, according to declared RPAS functionalities :

  • Safe take-off and landing.
  • Flight modes.
  • Autonomy.


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