AESA material guide Appendix A1 – A2

Appendixes a1 and a2: “comunicación previa y declaración responsable” (Prior notice and Responsibility Statement)

Appendix a1: “comunicación previa y declaración de responsable para trabajos técnicos y científicos” (Prior notice and Responsibility Statement for technical and scientific activities)

Appendix a2: “documentación previa y declaración responsable para vuelos especiales” (Prior notice and Responsibility Statement for special flights)

Date: 2014

Summary: The Responsibility Statement to be presented in AESA’s offices is a mandatory document where is clearly defined the intention of performing a determinate activity using RPAS. This document can be found in 2 different versions depending of the intended activity:

Appendix a1: For technical and scientific activities

Appendix a2: For special flights

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Apendice_a2_art_50_4_documentación previa y declaración responsable_vuelos especiales

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