Pick and Place

Pick and Place

Alter Technology (formerly Optocap), has the capability to pick and place die from a variety of presentation formats with placement accuracies ranging from 1um to 15um.

Die can be automatically picked from Gel-Pak, Waffle Pack and Wafer Film frame onto substrates and packages. For many MEMS, Sensor and Opto devices Alter Technology UK utilise specially design pick-up tools to avoid damage and contact with sensitive active areas.

Micron resolution dies to eject mechanisms allow for complete control of die punch-up parameters allowing the thin and fragile die to be picked from wafer film frame without damage. A controlled downward force on the pick-tool is used to control the bond line thickness and ensure optimal handling of fragile semiconductor die.

Fiducial marks on die and packages enable pattern recognition software to automatically pick and place die for a repeatable high yield and high volume process.

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