MEMS Packaging

Alter Technology (formerly Optocap), has experience in the assembly and packaging of MEMS devices.

Optocap offers customers support in both prototype/process development for LED packaging as well as volume manufacturing capability. By prototyping on the volume manufacturing tool-set Alter Technology UK can offer a risk-free transition to manufacturing with a fully optimised and high yield process.

There are a number of specific technical challenges related to MEMS assemblies such as special handling techniques and the restriction that many standard fluxes, adhesives and solvents can’t be used.

As a result, Alter Technology UKhas developed an extensive “tool-kit” of material and process knowledge in all key steps of the assembly process including wafer saw, die-attach, flip-chip attach, wire bonding, and encapsulation. This Tool-Kit of process and material knowledge is used to reduce development times, reduce risk and reduce development and manufacturing risks for customers.

Advanced packaging techniques such as System-in-Package (SiP) and Wafer Scale Packaging (WSP) have also been developed to support the increasing trends in miniaturization and lower costs.

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