Innovation in Alter Technology is the process of translating an idea or invention into a good service that creates value for our customers and partners. To introduce something new as an idea or method, our company involves information, imagination and initiative on the part of our engineers; investment time – and a balanced portfolio of initiatives with sufficient resources to be a leader in the market.

The expectations of our customers are a need to satisfy by our professionals who have asFLAMEinside reference that innovation is evolutionary, continuous and dynamic, this is achieved through the great advances in technology with which we work in our facilities and ultimately, the processes to translate the proposals into a value proposition that are winners.

Innovation is synonymous with taking risks, for that reason, Alter Technology evolves, to be at the top of new business models that offer sources of scalable and defensible benefits. We understand the importance of offering new processes and products and not imitating others, and that is why we have a consolidated group of motivated, rewarded and organized professionals to innovate and beat the competition, launching innovation at the correct scale in the market and the ideal segments.

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José Cándido Vázquez Cárdeno
space solar cells
The new century brought to the space a new type of solar cells with higher efficiencies and better resistance to radiation damage such as th...

New test methodologies

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Evaluation of Strain Gages (1)
New test methodologies: Combined Vacuum Temperature and Motion; Combined strain and extreme temperature; Combined radiation and cold temper...

Russian SEE test approach

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Ion SEE Test Facilities 1
1. Admissible methods for SEE testing were determined on accounts of their realization at Roscosmos Test Facilities. 2. The SEE Testing Aid...
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