Real Decreto R.D. 18/2014


Law 18/2014 approves some urgent measures for the growth, competitiveness, and efficiency, and established that a RPA is, indeed, an aircraft and its civil operation must be regulated by the civil aeronautical legislation.  This document offers an important vision about the necessary requirements to perform a safe operation or activity.

Item 2 provides the operational requirements for RPAS as: RPAS registration, Airworthiness Certification, and the inclusion of an identification plate with relevant information fixed in the vehicle.

Item 3.d.4 identifies two possible operational scenarios:

  • Operations for technical and scientific labours: in roads outside built-up areas and non-segregated airspace with 120m of operational ceiling. VLOS is required if the operation is performed using an aircraft with a MTOM between 2 and 25 Kg.
  • Operations for special labours: requirements are similar than the previous’, except the operations’ manual and the maintenances program.

Operational requirements related to pilots are also given inside this regulatory document.

real decreto 18-2014

R.D. 18/2014

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