contacless angular sensor for Telecom

Parts & subsystem development collaboration

Parts & subsystem development

CNM IMSE centro-nacional-de-microelectronica Very large experience on mixed analog/digital ASIC design. Support of very complex testing services.
IMB – CNM centre-nacional-de-microelectronica Radiation Detector Group. Large experience in radiation detectors design and manufacturing.
Optocap optocap Specific custom solution for high power packaging.
Emxys emxys Electrical design capabilities for embedded systems. Specific capabilities of sensor design and manufacturing. Large capabilities of PCB assembly.

Some of the parts & subsystem development collaboration projects

Project: Developing the ADC16-bit for space application 

Customer: ESA (European Space Agency)


Key elements

  • -ATN proprietary parts for future commercialization in space applications
  • -New packaging concept for very high-pin count devices
  • -Additional activities related to part assembly reliability testing

Project: Full evaluation of ATM ASIC 

Customer: University of Democritus / ESA (European Space Agency)

Full evaluation of ATM ASIC

Key elements

  • -Developing a new advanced systems test methodology based on collaborative approach
  • -Online access to characterization results
  • -Access to new customers & markets
  • -Promoting OPTOCAP as packaging source (Pending)

Project: Developing a GANTRY Superconductor for Proton Therapy 

Customer: CDTI

Aim of the project

To develop a last generation plug and play Gantry superconductor that can be used in multiple accelerator systems.

GANTRY Superconductor for Proton Therapy

Project: Contacless Angular sensor 

Customer: ESA

Aim of the project: To develop a high accuracy contactless angular sensor for telecom applications

contacless angular sensor for Telecom

  • Alter Technology and Emxys collaboration:
    • Full design, manufacturing and evaluation of EM prototype for telecom applications
    • The target is to replace current potentiometers by a more reliable appliance
    • To provide a more attractive alternative to optical encoders
    • Several customers (SENER, IAA, KayserThrede…) largely interested in the device for future applications
    • ATN to commercialise the dedicated test bench as an independent product
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