Image Sensor Assembly

Challenges with image sensors vs. standard microelectronics packaging

  • Sensor and filter position, tilt and rotation.
  • Particulate control
  • Thermal management / noise reduction
  • Stray light

Alter Technology (formerly Optocap), Image Sensor assembly platform is a flexible solution for CMOS, CCD and Focal Plane Array sensor chips into ceramic packages.

  • Service offering:
    • Bespoke package design
    • Optics and window design
    • Materials procurement
    • Flexible – wide range of form factors
    • Thermal and mechanical modelling
    • Process development and qualification
    • Automated volume assembly
    • Space heritage for Image sensors
  • Assembly Capabilities:
    • Precision die and filter placement
    • Specialist particle control procedures
    • Stacked die capability
    • SMT of passive components
    • Flex circuit attach
    • Flip chip attach & Au stud bumping
    • Optimised wafer saw process for detectors
    • Wafer saw for glass and filter substrates
  • Process Highlights
    • Automated Die placement accuracy +/-15µm
    • Rotation control 2° to 5°, tilt control <50µm
    • Programmable epoxy dispensing pattern
    • Thermal or UV snap cure to maintain die position
    • Controlled clean environments – ISO7 cleanroom & laminar flow (ISO5)
    • CO2 cleaning optimised for sensor and glass.
    • Hermetic seam sealing in inert N2 environment
    • <5000ppm moisture content
    • Black dam dispensing for stray light
  • Standard Materials
    • Package Substrate: High temp co-fired ceramic
    • Lid: Optical grade Borosilicate glass
    • Die attach adhesive: Conductive or Non-conductive Epoxy
    • Wide range of epoxies in house
    • Wire: 17µm-33µm diameter, Au ball bonding
    • Wedge bonding for high-rel applications
    • Glass Adhesive: Thermal or UV attach epoxy

Test Capability (Alter Technology)

  •    Sensor Characterization
    • Under illumination, uniform light source.
    • Dark current characterization
    • Custom electronics developments
    • Temperature stabilization setups
  • Photodiode Array
    • Precision FemtoAmp Dark Current measurements
  •  Radiation Test
    • Proton 10MeV to 200MeV
    • Gamma Low & High dose rates
    • Heavy Ion Beam


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