Alter Technology has extended its scope of accreditation by ENAC

Alter Technology issues first certificate and announces extension of scope

Alter Technology TÜV NORD, as a contracted certification body and recognized test laboratory has conducted the first certification process according to the CERTALARM scheme to a Cellular Alarm Communicator from a registered CertAlarm manufacturer.  The tests were performed in the Madrid laboratory and the assessment of the production process and factory audit in Canada.

EN 60839-11-1:2013

At the same time, ALTER TECHNOLOGY TÜV NORD has extended its scope of accreditation by ENAC (Spanish Accreditation Authority) as Testing Laboratory and Certification Body to include the following standards:

EN 50131-10:2014 Supervised Premises Transceiver (SPT)
EN 60839-11-1:2013 Electronic access control systems.

System and Components requirements

EN 50134-2:2000 Social alarm systems.

Part 2: Trigger devices (*)

EN 50134-3:2012/AC:2015 Social alarm systems

Part 3: Local unit and controller (*)

EN 62676-1-1:2015 Video surveillance systems for use in security applications

Part 1-1: System requirements

(*) Only as Certification Body

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