Laser Diode Packaging

Laser Diode Packaging

Alter Technology (formerly Optocap), offers customers support in both prototype/process development for laser diode packaging as well as volume manufacturing capability.

By prototyping on the volume manufacturing tool-set Alter Technology UK, can offer a risk-free transition to manufacturing with a fully optimised and high yield process.

A summary of Alter Technology UK, laser diode packaging expertise can be found below;

  • Process Highlights
    • Placement accuracies from +/- 1µm to +/-20µm
    • Fully automated or manual placement
    • Adjustable bond force
    • 3-axis placement control
    • Void free Eutectic die attach
    • Control of flatness “smile”
    • Epi-side down or up assembly
    • Vacuum reflow processes
  • Materials
    • GaAs or InP
    • Size
      • Laser bars in excess of 10mm
      • Laser single emitters to 5mm
    • Package Type
      • C-mount (standard sizes of 4mm to 5mm, sharp edge for accurate placement)
      • CS-mount
      • TO-can
      • Stacks
    • Eutectic solder processes including AuSn, SnAg, InAg, SnPb, BiSn (preforms, pre-deposited substrates to control solder overspill
    • CuW/Cu/AlN/CuW/CVD Diamond sub-mounts and heat-sinks

Alter Technology UK, expertise and capability in Laser Diode Packaging will reduce risk and reduce time to market for your laser diode packaging requirements as well as providing a cost-effective manufacturing option.

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