Space and HI-REL Assembly

Alter Technology (formerly Optocap), is a leader in the design, manufacture and test of High Reliability Micro and Optoelectronics modules for Harsh Environments. We have experience in a number of high reliability and harsh environment markets such as Aerospace & Defence, Space, Oil & Gas

Focussed areas of excellence

MIL-STD-883 and ESCC Standards

  • Die Attach
    • High performance epoxies
    • Solder die attach
    • Pick from film/frame, waffle or gel pack.
    • Flip-chip attach & Au stud bumping
  • Wire Bond
    • 17 to 50um Au ball bonding
    • Al wedge bonding
    • Hermetic sealing
  • Sealing
    • Seam seal
    • TO Can projection weld
    • Solder seal
    • Vacuum packaging
    • Fine and gross leak test
  • QC checks
    • Die shear and wire strength tests
    • Real-time X-RAY
    • Fine and gross leak test
    • Placement accuracy measurements

Test & Screening – Alter Technology

  • Parts Engineering
  • Component Testing
  • EEE Procurement
  • Certification
  • Radiation testing
  • Burn-in & Life Test

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