Innovation Meet - Rafael Rodriguez

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Rafael Rodriguez, Integration Manager of Alter Technology.

Innovation Meet - Rafael Rodriguez

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Innovation Meets

It is a cicle of events aimed at promoting innovation, best practices in R&D. Thus, the Innovation Meet is a place to chat about innovation and tech transfer with leading organizations:

  • To share best practices, ideas and trends.
  • To learn from organizations that are writing the Future: making of a culture of innovation.

Special Edition: Roadmap to Space Entrepreneurship

The IV Innovation Meet is a special edition because of the particularly subject: Roadmap to Space Entrepreneurship.

To know more about the technological challenges of the leaders of different industrial sectors, and how cutting-edge technology generated in the space sector, can face such challenges, due to its transversal nature.

Language: Spanish


09:00-09:30        Registration
09:30-09:45        Opening ceremony & Message from the ESA
09:45-10:00       Guest Speaker. Keynote: Modelling transference between aerospace sectors to the others
10:00-10:15        Finance: apoyo a la emprendeduría espacial & instrumentos financieros para el sector espacial
10:15-11:00         Success cases

3M Iberia

Miguel Blanco RodríguezJefe de comercialización de nuevos productos

ALTER Technology TÜV Nord

Rafael Rodríguez

Integration Department Manager

Tecnalia Research & Innovation

Jesús Marcos OlayaSpace and Defense Business development

11:00-12:00       Elevator pitch Session: Retos tecnológicos
12:00-13:00       Workshop: Conectando financiación-retos-soluciones
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