Chip on Board

Chip on Board assembly is the process whereby a bare semiconductor die is mounted on a printed circuit board or substrate using conductive or non-conductive epoxies.  For applications which require very high thermal and electrical conductivity, we have a number of semi-sintering epoxies which lend themselves to chip-on-board assembly.  Die are typically electrically connected using Au ball bonding or Al Wedge Bonding.

Optocap can also attach a die face-down onto a PCB using flip-chip technology, this can either be using solder balls pre-applied at wafer level, or using our in-house stud bumping process.  The die is then protected using a glob top or Dam/Fill encapsulation process.  Most chip-on board assembly can also be combined with our fast-turn around service.

For a more specialist requirements please contact Optocap for a detailed technical review.

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