Photonic transceiver for secure communications

Cooperation within the Optoelectronics business

Cooperation within Optoelectronic business

2007 First activities regarding testing of some optical devices for SMOS project
2015 Recognised as a reference laboratory regarding photonics testing and management of several photonic R&D international projects

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Examples of Projects:

  • Radiative optoelectronic components vulnerability
  • Britespace
  • Photonic  transceiver for secure space communications

Project: Radiative Optoelectronic Components Vulnerability 

To study and predict radiation induced degradation in optoelectronic devices with particular interest in image sensors based on APS (active pixel technology) as well as InGaN, GaP and AlInGaP semiconductor materials.

Experts in Optoelectronic Testing

Key elements:

  • First project within EDA
  • Expand business model to avionics
  • Improve ATN knowhow on radiation (Neutrons)

Project: Britespace 

Carbon and climate observation of planet Earth; need of development of a laser source to monitor greenhouse gases in future space missions.

Semiconductor laser

Proof of Concept: A semiconductor laser as transmitter for monitoring greenhouse gases in future Earth Observation Space missions.

Frequency stabilization Unitfraunhofer-dlr

ATN contribution: Design and validation of Frequency stabilization Unit.

Project:  Photonic  transceiver for secure space communications 

Design, development and test of a photonic quantum communications transceiver to provide unconditional security to space communications.

Photonic transceiver for secure space communications



Cooperation within Optoelectronic business

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