Space-based Quantum Communication

Space-Based Quantum Communication

In space-based relay quantum communication, the satellite is the trusted actor in charge of distributing the keys and being quantum; it has a higher degree of security since it can be verified if they are secret. Therefore, for this system, it is necessary to have a trusted...

Optical design

Optical design

Our capabilities range from the simple selection of a ball lens for coupling the output of an optical fibre into a photodiode, to providing a much wider module design service. This may include proof-of-concept design evaluation, opto-mechanical and thermal tolerancing leading to...

image sensors camera on line monitoring

Image Sensors – Photonics

Alter technology activities: Design and development of a custom camera Characterization of pixel performance On-line monitoring of electrical parameters and acquisition of images in different working conditions (radiation, temperature, vacuum) Radiation of image sensors Total...

photonics in space

Specific Projects

Development & Characterization of Optical and Photonics systems (Alter Technology): Optical programmable devices based on liquid crystals Transceiver for Quantum cryptography systems Photonic payload road map evaluation Full evaluation of CMOS image sensors