Optical design

Optical design

Our capabilities range from the simple selection of a ball lens for coupling the output of an optical fibre into a photodiode, to providing a much wider module design service. This may include proof-of-concept design evaluation, opto-mechanical and thermal tolerancing leading to...

image sensors camera on line monitoring

Image Sensors – Photonics

Alter technology activities: Design and development of a custom camera Characterization of pixel performance On-line monitoring of electrical parameters and acquisition of images in different working conditions (radiation, temperature, vacuum) Radiation of image sensors Total...

photonics in space

Specific Projects

Development & Characterization of Optical and Photonics systems (Alter Technology): Optical programmable devices based on liquid crystals Transceiver for Quantum cryptography systems Photonic payload road map evaluation Full evaluation of CMOS image sensors

Entangled Photon Source assembled.

Opto-mechanical design and assembly

The efficient generation of photon pairs requires very strict characteristics on the illuminating beam, such e.g. its size, shape, and polarization state. For these photon pairs to be entangled in their polarizations there must be a superposition of two distinct pair-generation...