The dedicated irradiators and facilities for material studies

The dedicated irradiators and facilities for material studies

Ground level testing for electronic device and material Talk summary:

Space is a harsh environment due to vacuum, UV, temperature, vibration and radiation…etc. Before landing a space vehicle, devices and materials have to be tested at ground level in order to estimate the effect of all these parameters.

This is why, it is essential, in order to assure a well control, understanding and reactivity to dispose at home of facilities to perform these tests. The aim of this presentation is to give you a global overview of the equipment available at TRAD to respond to this need.

During this presentation our facilities will be presented, such as:

  •  Cobalt 60 for Total Ionising dose Test
  •  VESPA (Vacuum Electron Irradiation Facility For SPAtialization)
  •  Solar simulator UV irradiation
  •  Thermal cycling
  •  SWIPI (Solar Wind Protons Irradiation)
  •  De-capping facilities

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Pierre GARCIA is graduated from Montpellier University with a PhD in electronics, France, in 2009.
After his graduation he joined TRAD in Toulouse, France, as a radiation test engineer, he is now a Test team manager.
With 10 years of experience in radiation characterization. He manages a wide variety of electronic project including analog, digital, and mixed signal devices.