ATN and COVID-19

Adopted measure by Alter Technology due to Coronavirus

ALTER TECHNOLOGY, has adopted the following measures:

– Extension of working schedule flexibility in order to facilitate working shifts with reduced number of employees.

– We operate through a rotation system in order to prevent infection to a whole group of specialists and to ensure the continuity of the service provided.

– In all the cases applicable due to the nature of the job function, the possibility for working remotely has been facilitated, providing the necessary means for this. This measure is being applied to practically all the workforce that does not carry out productive labor.

– Personal and professional conciliation measures have been taken with indefinite duration as long as the closure of schools, institutes and universities persists.

– Face to face events of more than 5 persons have been cancelled and we recommend to hold telematic meetings.

The basic objective being to collaborate at social level in the eradication of this global contagion. But also as an organization that provides services to a wide community of customers and markets, we have set ourselves the target to keep the company operational at the highest possible level considering the circumstances and to continue delivering the grade of service that our customers currently demand and with all certainty will continue demanding when, between all of us, we are capable to eradicate this pandemic.

For this:

– We do not interrupt our production activity, ending the ongoing projects and works and attending new requests.

– All of our divisions will continue working with the higher normality possible to cover all the requirements and needs that our customers and suppliers may have.

– Reception of goods both from customers and suppliers continues operational in usual work schedule.

– Customer service and comercial activities are assured.

These measures are internally coordinated by a monitoring committee that, in coordination with the various departments, will ensure to provide an agile and proper service to allow a “normal continuity” of our activity with our affiliates, suppliers and customers, avoiding delays in planned tasks, helping in all possible, companies and persons in their needs.

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