Deimos Space and Alter Technology working together in the Neptune Structural Model

Weeks ago, we worked together with Deimos Space, carrying out the tests of the structural model of Neptune. The satellite from the company will launch at the end of 2020.

This campaign in the vibration laboratory includes tests of sine, random and quasi-static load vibrations, having finished all satisfactorily and verifying the design for its launch with the main market launchers.

The Neptune project will respond to current and future maritime safety challenges through the experimental development of a design and prototype of a constellation of low orbit nanosatellites (CubeSats) (between 200 and 2,000 kilometres high), and an advanced information system capable of analysing the millions of data acquired by land stations using artificial intelligence technologies.

The next steps to follow, and which will continue to test the structural model, are the crash tests and will be carried out at the end of March. After these, the environmental testing campaign on the flight model will be carried out, which includes thermal vacuum, mechanical tests and electromagnetic compatibility.


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