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Video Digging into Circuit

Deep Analysis and understanding of Simple and Complex Circuits

For satellite applications where failure is not an option, electronic components need to operate constantly on demand, and have to be free of failures during the lifetime of the satellite-which can be for many years. To ensure this requirement is met, the components are put through many hours of stress testing covering all thermal, mechanical and endurance requirements that they are likely to meet in space including extreme temperatures and a hostile cocktail of radiation , to ensure correct operation. These tests are performed at different levels of satellite  integration, starting at individual electronic component level.

ALTER TECHNOLOGY’s role is a very important one, and occurs at the very beginning of this journey. We are responsible for analysing the components and the data to ensure that they are capable of meeting and surviving these requirements.

In this short presentation few examples of the some failure modes related to electronic components as well as their impact on the mission are briefly explained.

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