Very Extreme temperature Testing Examples

Very Extreme temperature Testing

Example of parts characterization (I): Optical & Electrical parameters

All optical & electrical parameters of different  families  of electronic components (Electro-optical, ASIC, RF, Discrete components, passive parts, new materials, etc…) can been characterized to asses usability of parts under such environment.

Very Extreme temperature Testing Example


Example of parts characterization (II): Characterization of SiC JFET & MOSFET

Key Testing parameters:

  • Temperature characterization: SiC -> T>150ºC
  • High Voltage (up to 1700V) plus high temperature testing (175ºC)
  • High Power Tests: 17A Devices

Very Extreme temperature Testing Examples

Example of parts characterization (III): Prototyping and Characterisation of Radiation Hardened SIC MOS StructuresVery Extreme temperature Testing Examples

  • Understand full failure mechanism of SiC technologies regarding manufacturing processes
  • Consolidate best design and manufacturing approach for future parts development

Key elements

  • Full characterization of several foundries as well as oxidation processes, packaging approach, etc…
  • To consolidate test methods and associated standards for SiC characterization


Example of parts characterization (IV): Photonic parts in Mars exploration related programmes

Mars Atmosphere

  • Temperature Range (-135ºC to +70ºC)
  • Very Extreme temperature Testing ExamplesOptical setup characterization:

–  Thermopiles (for non-contact Temp measurement)

–  UV Photodiodes (200nm – 400nm

Environmental Tests:

  • Temp range: -135ºC to +105ºC
  • Radiation neutrons, gamma, protons, etc..
  • Life Test to simulate the day-night cycles
  • 600 cycles -130ºC to +15ºC (Winter cycles)
  • 1410 cycles -105ºC to + 40ºC (Summer cycles)
  • Full characterization of UV Photodiodes
  • From -135ºC to + 105ºC with steps of 10ºC
  • Linearity
  • Angle of Incidence variation
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