Life Test

The objective of life testing is to evaluate whether failures caused by wear-out are likely to occur during the product lifetime and thus to estimate compliance of the device with the long-term reliability requirements. Continue reading

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Scanning Electron Microscope SEM – FIB Inspections Focused Ion Beam

This type of inspection is performed using an electron microscope which produces images of a sample by scanning it with a focused electron beam. Interaction between the electrons and atoms in the sample generates signals that contain information about the sample’s surface... Continue reading

3D-X Ray inspection

Radiographic Inspection 3D X Ray – 2D

Radiographic Inspection 3D X Ray – 2D The purpose of radiographic inspection is to detect internal physical defects which are not otherwise visible in electronic components. The radiographic techniques reveal  such flaws as presence of foreign objects, improper... Continue reading

Thermal Shock Test

Thermal shock testing is performed to determine the ability of parts to function properly in an environment with sudden extreme changes in temperature. It is also used for accelerated testing during product evaluation and qualification process. Thermal shock air-to-air or liquid... Continue reading

Environmental Testing

Environmental testing provides a useful tool for evaluation, qualification and screening of EEE components for high-reliability applications. Various types of stresses can be applied to the products in a controlled manner thus allowing to accelerate the appearance of latent... Continue reading

Vacuum Thermal Cycling

Thermal Cycling

determine the ability of parts and solder interconnects to resist extremely low and extremely high temperatures, as well as their ability to endure cyclical exposures to temperature extremes. Permanent changes to the electrical or physical characteristics of the devices under... Continue reading