Optical design

Optocap’s optical design capabilities are rooted within the laser and photonics industries.

Our capabilities range from the simple selection of a ball lens for coupling the output of an optical fibre into a photodiode, to providing a much wider module design service. This may include proof-of-concept design evaluation, opto-mechanical and thermal tolerancing leading to material selection, and the generation of mechanical piece part drawings through the use of Solidworks.

In addition, in collaboration with established optical component providers, we can asses the merits of stock verses custom optics for your design solutions.

Understanding the required environmental operating conditions, thermal, optical, mechanical and electrical requirements are the key to any successful package design activity.

We use Zemax Engineering Edition throughout for all optic modeling requirements, and will make use of Sequential, Non-sequential or Wave Propagation techniques, depending upon your application requirements.

Current applications include,

  • TO-can photodiode pigtails
  • TO-can VCSEL laser pigtails
  • Fibre coupling to laser diodes (free-space multi-lens as well as fibre lens)
  • Free-space optical isolator modules
  • Littrow spectrometer module
  • Laser diode beam propagation and shaping
  • Optical fibre delivery systems
  • Fibre coupling calculations (single-mode and multi-mode)
  • Custom lens design

Optical design

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